A number game

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A number game

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Another number game?

Yep. Join the numbers and feel the power of the math side.

If you like games like 1024, 2048, or the one and only Threes!, this one may be for you. And if you don’t like them, who knows?




A game can be a cube with up to 12x12x12 sides, if your device can handle it. But being a cube ist not a requirement; just try 3x2x1, if you like. Beware: playing with only one layer may be a wise decision for starters…


Playing a deterministic game means undoing and redoing one and the same move leads to the same result, while during a non-determinstic game anything can happen. Disabling the apprentice mode means disabling the mighty undo button means being a true number warrior. Some like playing on a slippery surface, some prefer not; it’s up to you.

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After ending a game the results are reported to the Game Center, if logged in.